Silver Bullet

This Ball Python designer combination is a Super Cinnamon Pastel.

Pewter Piebald

This is a combination of Pastel, Cinnamon or Black Pastel and we are psyched to plug him into some of our other Piebald breeding projects.

Mojave Piebald


Also known as the White Gold Ball Python; these are still very rare in collections and they have an enormous amount of untapped potential.

Pastel Paint

The Pastel Paint and other Paint combos are a very subtle morph but they do make some spectacular Supers. Not a whole lot has been done with Paints yet.

Calico Fire

This is a combination of Calico and Fire and should make some killer looking designer morphs when bred to Pastel, Paint, Vanilla, Hypo and who knows how it would react a Piebald morph?

Lavender Albino

This is a different mutation than the Albino Ball Python.  Lavender Albinos are a high-contrast pumpkin orange and opalescent white when they hatch.  As they mature the opalescent white on them develop into a rich bea


The Piebald is our favorite Ball Python morph to work with and we hope to produce a number of designer combinations.



Hypo Enchi

As they say Enchi makes everything better as does the Hypomelanistic or Orange Ghost.  We are looking forward in making some killer looking Enchi morphs with the help from our Super Enchi.

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